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We work directly with our clients to offer relocation assistants to occupants, per their client’s wishes (up to $2,000 on AFSL). We’ll request that the occupants voluntarily vacate the property, and then offer relocation assistants. Our client’s client will determine the base starting amount, based on its investor guidelines. We will continue to offer relocation assistance until a lockout time is scheduled. During this entire process, we will comply with all PTFA Guidelines.

On the date of the vacancy, we will inspect the property condition and coordinate lock changes. The property will be in broom-swept condition with all personal items removed inside and out from the previous occupants. This includes sheds, garages, and any vehicles unless another arrangement has been made by our client and their client.

Provided these conditions are met, we will release the relocation assistance payment to the vacating occupant.


We understand that not all occupants agree to voluntarily vacate the property. We will assist our client and their attorney to remain in compliance with the requirements within the PTFA. We will wait for direction from our client to inspect the property on a weekly basis until vacant. Prime Location will also coordinate the vendors needed for the lockout based on local law officials’ orders. We keep in mind the USFN state guidelines and the cost of the eviction process. We understand anything in excess of those USFN state guidelines will need client approval.

We physically attend the lock-out and coordinate with the eviction attorney, local authorities, and contractor to ensure the property is properly secured. Any time a lockout is expected to exceed $4,000, we get additional bids to present before selection.


During the Redemption/Ratification period, we inspect the property on a weekly basis until vacant. Part of these considerations includes re-keying a backdoor, winterizing costs, initiating lawn care or snow removal, as required. These costs shall not exceed $150 for re-key/winterize and $200 for lawn care and snow removal. Anything over these limits and we will gain approval from our client.

Through our transaction management system, we have thorough task lists set up for every step of this process with deadlines, reminders, and more automated to trigger at each completed step.