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Yes, BPO drive-bys are considered “grunt work” by many agents and brokers. Not us. We understand there are many steps to preparing a property and it starts with the initial evaluation. We think of it as our “hello” in building our relationship with you and those involved in the property transaction.

We complete interior BPO within five days of assignment. If the property is occupied, know that out of respect for the occupants, we will complete an exterior BPO within the same five days of assignment. Our valuations include full exterior and interior inspections and photos, descriptions of the market area, sales and listing comps with photos, as well as repair estimates.


Distressed, foreclosure, REO properties need extra TLC and an extra budget. Prime Location Realty is prepared to handle all of the repairs and keep track of expenses for you. Having the ability to meet the guidelines for various repairs and maintenance requirements allows us to stay on task, on time, on budget. Many tasks and repairs require a daily drive-by to ensure the quality and completion of tasks. We document everything with receipts and photos and have the available to you as part of our transaction online. You will have access to view these photos, documents and notes.

When a task requires more than one bid, we are able to pull from our extensive, reputable vendor list for comparisons. We are also able to include you at any step in the process as required. You may not want to be in the loop for every correspondence, but the option is available to you at any time.